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A. What did you plan to do for Sawdust or during the time other kids are at Sawdust? at sawdust i pend to do 15 minutes a day

– If you didn’t complete your Sawdust goals, why not? What happened?i did complete my sawdust goals

– If you did complete your Sawdust goals, what was easy and hard about it? it was easy because i had help

B. How did you spend your time this week? What did you do? Monday-sawdust/cloture chest/ p e o o l t /weird game /Tuesday- sawdust /meeting /group game /weird game /Wednesday-apex/p e o o l t /Thursday-sawdust/bubble wands/pitch to kids /p e o o l t climbing the tree p e o o l t jr /Friday – p e o o l t /sawdust

C. What are two things you learned this week that you didn’t know before?
1.that a man shipped hem self to freedom
2.that slave trade is awful

D. Think about what’s different about the way you think, feel, and behave now than from before you started school at Heartwood. How have you changed?i am a hole year older

E. There are 9 weeks left in this school year. What are some things you would like to do before it’s over?the 3 big field trips